PROECO strives to enlighten and inspire people helping them preserve, restore and protect our natural environment.

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Working together… we CAN make a difference!

How to help?

Everyone may play a part in protecting the environment. Even small steps collectively make a BIG difference. Here are some simple yet powerful strategies that we hope inspires you.

green ideas

Cherish Earth!

Live more Simply and Mindfully

Conserve Water and Energy

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Optimise your Eating Habits

Travel Wisely

Engage in Environmental Activism

Check out this great infographic article at WikiHow with ideas and more elaboration on how you can help protect our environment. If you have more ideas — please share them in the comments.

We are grateful for your efforts — together WE may make a difference!

PROECO offers ecology, sustainability, environmental education and exchange opportunities in collaboration with YUNDA on the beautiful Noosa Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. Welcoming teachers, students, volunteers — and all keen to make a difference! Native bushland regeneration, wildlife habitat preservation, permaculture and sustainable homesteading… experience these and many more meaningful projects firsthand.

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You may not be supporting us at the moment — yet, we do appreciate your consideration.

Even if money is not available to donate — we can benefit from supporters who share time. If you are nearby — come out and join us for working bees or to help with our workshops. If you are remote — then we can also benefit from supporters able to help with our website (be it development, writing blog stories, finding new content that we may share, etc.) There is always plenty to do!

If you are unable to help us directly — you can also further our mission by helping our planet and yourself — here are a few ideas…

Thanks again and all the best!

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