Cars and their societal impact

There has been a long-held belief that the auto industry has a great deal to answer for in it’s impact to our communities globally. Many Western societies enjoyed fairly capable and well-servicing public transport systems across the 1950-1970s. That is, until the auto industry in partnership with steel, rubber, and mega-industrial conglomerates orchestrated a buy-out and subsequent destruction of most networks around the world.

What followed has been an expansive grid of roads and motorways that carry fewer people, in many more polluting vehicles, with much greater environmental consequence than we had mid-last last century. Sadly, with the ever expanding infrastructure, and a burgeoning new middle class in many populous countries (like India, China, and many others) — the environmental impact of the automobile is just beginning…

While this thoroughly researched and detailed article from The Atlantic is geared toward the USA experience — it is an insightful analysis of what to expect (or what has already been experienced) in many other locales. More combustion vehicles mean more carbon based emissions — simple as that. Read the article from The Atlantic — and let us know what YOU think.