Global Population Insights

Is The World Really Overpopulated?

Always interesting to hear opinions from experts about population. 

Seems the summation is this: The sheer number of people are not as significant as the impact each has on earth. 

Moral: Just enough is plenty (thanks Thoreau) — go easy with consumption and try to help restore and protect the Earth.

Now from the experts… check out the article at Gizmodo

Getting Laws in Order for Ecocide

Yet another great article from The Ecologist — this time, the quest by recently passed Polly Higgins (barrister turned environmentalist) who worked to get laws in order to create the new crime of ecocide — – the mass destruction of ecosystems – mirroring the existing international law against genocide – the mass destruction of peoples.

Everyone has something to offer in the quest to save and protect our environment.

Get involved — from volunteering on eco projects, cutting back on consumption, helping educate others on what they can do to help — or in Polly’s case: change laws to support progress… EVERY bit helps! 



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