Australian Bushfire Support

Australia bushfire

The Australian Geographic Society announced today that it will donate $50,000 to the New South Wales and Queensland bushfire emergency for support and recovery. The Society is also appealing to its wide network of followers ­to dig deep and contribute to the appeal to help those directly affected by the tragedy. Money from the fundraiser will be dispersed to support wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, habitat restoration and communities devastated by the fires. 

Australian Geographic Bushfire Support

There are many other environmental organisations who could use YOUR support. Find a cause you believe in and are passionate about. Make sure the organisation you choose is directly involved in projects and will quickly spend any donations received for the purpose you support.

As always — we appreciate your active participation and support of our environment… Working together — we can make a difference!

How to photograph wildlife ethically


Our friends at National Geographic have built a long history and stellar reputation documenting our world with captivating photographs and educational stories. As tourism numbers swell and wildlife habitat shrink — its more important than ever to respect and preserve wildlife and photos continue to be a powerful tool to communicate and achieve this.

A number of National Geographic photographers have shared their insights and experience in capturing compelling photos while maintaining an ethical respect for the animals being photographed. Its important to not let your sense of urgency or immediacy overshadow the animal’s circumstance nor impact their habitat or behaviour.

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